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Elite Personal Trainers & Weight Loss Experts in Colorado Springs, Co
Longing for RESULTS? Searching for a fun, and life-changing Personal Training Program to help you quickly lose weight and implement fitness and health back into your life? 

Our amazing personal trainers are truly exceptional, nationally recognized, and hold impeccable track records of consistent and life changing physique transformations. They are an elite breed that will never sell out to fitness trends, gimmicks, supplements and other schemes that have for many years conveniently and consistently misled us with clouded visions of weight loss, fitness, and health. We know exactly how to get you back in shape quickly, and make the process enjoyable. 

Yes, it is time...to get in shape, and stay healthy, now more than ever!

Our personal training philosophy is based on all natural nutrition with a strong emphasis on resistance training exercise principles.  These two fundamentals are combined with proven methods to quickly build muscle, lose body fat, and stimulate your metabolism. Together they are designed to create not only near immediate benefits to your health, but effectively create dramatic changes to your physique, your physical, mental and overall health and wellness. The entire process ultimately formulates a phenomenal revelation-an often forgotten or abandoned, enhanced quality of life. Done With Dieting can simply...change your body....and your life! We motivate, teach, preach, and prepare you how to easily implement health and wellness, back into your life, and never lose it again. Our personal trainers live and breathe a true understanding and healthful knowledge of what it really takes to get healthy and fit, quickly and naturally, while providing you with every essential tool to maintain your results for the rest of your life. We are among a mere handful of uniquely talented and dedicated personal trainers

Our mission: to defeat the negative personal trainer stigma, and stereotype. We have recreated a new and true standard of what real personal training...was always meant to be. We are educated and experienced professionals with strong training backgrounds, skilled and proficient, to give you unparalleled motivation for weight loss, up-to-date nutrition knowledge, total body strength, fitness and sculpting. See for yourself how spending as little as 4 weeks with us can quickly change your body, and create the inspiration and motivation you to transform your body and health...on your own-for the rest of your life.

Our elite personal trainers' expertise has helped people of all ages and fitness levels sculpt their bodies into lean and mean healthy fat-burning machines!  It is simply our business, to put the "Results" back into Personal Training, the RIGHT way, and help you make a smooth transition to a  healthier lifestyle. Our professional Personal Trainers have helped our cliental drop well over 3000 pounds in just the last few years, with never more than a team of two trainers! Our training/fitness program can change your life. Don't wait another day, month or....year!

Jump-start your metabolism and re-set it. Feel the amazing  physical and mental response that living our program can have on your day to day life. 

It is our passion help you fall in love with the journey. It's easy to see why we are the best. See what people are saying about our program, and their genuine success stories. Or, have a look at our gallery of real client transformations and incredible results and see it for yourself.

If a picture is worth a thousand words...take a good look around, and when you are ready...

  • Accomplished, passionate and result-oriented personal fitness trainers with over 35 years of combined education and experience.
  • All natural and healthy nutrition plan-no supplements necessary!
  • Amazing 4 week body fat-blasting exercise and nutrition plan, and every tool to maintain results forever.
  • Nationally recognized trainers for nutrition and exercise from Oxygen Magazine, with clients that have achieved Tosca Renos "before and after" photos!

  • Private, clean facility - comfortable studio atmosphere.
  • Healthy recipes, grocery lists, and "clean eating" plans.
  • Affordable discount packages -  Ask about partner training specials.
  • Healthful strategic fat loss and body sculpting using a combination of the most effective metabolism increasing methods- designed for quick and dramatic changes to your health and physique.
  • Start today, feel amazing in a couple of weeks-be in the best shape of your life this year!!


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